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Bus Factor 1

... he was horrified. Not to see that things had fallen apart in his absence, but to realize that they hadn’t.

The alternative to redundancy isn’t fragility, it’s personal responsibility.

No One is Even Trying. Honestly, if you just remember the title of this essay, repeat it to yourself every morning in the shower, poster it on your wall in bold sans-serif font, you've got the point.

Life Advice: Become a Billionaire

...if your objection to all of the above is that you are not predisposed to becoming a visionary billionaire tech CEO, it doesn’t matter. Again, the billion dollars is sitting on the table and you’re choosing not to take it on the basis of a vague intuition.

Stop making excuses and take the box already.

And then, naturally,

Become a Billionaire Part II: You're Not Even Trying