Bad startup ideas

Here are some bad startup ideas. If you have any particularly bad ideas you’d like me to add, let me know!

  • A giant blue-light filter for the sun
  • Disposable laptops
  • Entropy; discount for buying in bulk
  • Onenote, but you can only have one note
  • Uber, but other riders get to vote on your destination
  • Tinder but for people who annoy you
  • Blockchain but you can supply a doctor’s note instead of proof of work
  • Charter cities but with feudalism
  • Lyft but for lifts (from Gleb Posobin)
  • Opium but for the masses (from Alexey Guzey)
  • 3D printing friends ( Alexey )
  • Self-driving horses
  • Soylent but made of meat
  • Health insurance where your deductible starts going up if it’s been more than a month since you were hospitalized.
  • A marketplace for forks
  • Sticky couches
  • Peanut butter subscription service
  • Fog seeding
  • Powdered water, Just Add Water
  • Note-taking app, 500 word minimum (from Hans Cochien)
  • Non-biodegradable paper straws (Hans Cochien)
  • Zoom but with a 50 minute time limit
  • Baby timeshares (Rory Williams)

Updated: 2019-8-21