Signs I find amusing and/or interesting

Beware the swooping bird


Protect your head.

A sweeping and unjustifiable claim about parking availability


Putting aside for the moment the spherical nature of the Earth - a large portion of the city of Seattle lies immediately west of this sign.

An art installation


This is a photo of an art installation. The second sentence here clearly implies that the installation is not yet open (this picture was taken at the end of August 2022) – the intent of the sign is to inform us of this fact. But any installation that is ready could also be described as “in progress” - the progress referring to the flow of visitors through the exhibit to view the art, rather than construction. So the first sentence conveys no information. This was a missed opportunity to describe an Art Installation Installation.

A restaurant’s admission policy


This is true of any restaurant.

A frog pond


It’s hard to explain why this one is funny.

Don’t always block this driveway


I read this as forbidding one from leaving a car parked in the driveway continuously and indefinitely - but that’s clearly not what was intended.

Maximum goodness




I’m not entirely confident about the intended meaning of this one. I think what they meant to say was “No parking - service vehicles only” – which is reasonable enough. I read it as “NO. Parking service vehicles only”, that is, as a blanket prohibition on any sort of activity whatsoever, because the pathway is strictly reserved for vehicles of the Parking Service. If you’re a member of the Parking Service and would be willing to help me understand why such a draconian policy is required, please reach out.

Business garbage only


Through this sign I was made aware of the existence of Business Garbage.