Grab a pdf here (updated 2019-11-01)

Current Work

I’m a machine learning researcher, currently studying weight-free computational graphs at the Perimeter Institute.


As a graduate student I worked under Manuel Endres at Caltech on unsupervised methods for experimental quantum state tomography. I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley in physics, and spent a summer at the Haystack Observatory working on automation of solar radio burst detection.

You can find a partial list of my interests here, and some things I’ve built here.


  • MS, Physics, California Inst. of Technology (2019)
  • BA, Physics, University of California, Berkeley (2016). Highest honors

Publications / presentations


Human languages:

  • English (native)

Programming languages and packages:

  • Python, Pytorch, TensorFlow, Scipy (fluent)
  • Julia (fluent)
  • Matlab (working knowledge)
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Django (working knowledge)
  • C++ (rudimentary)

Awards, honors (academic)

  • Laslett Scholarship (U.C. Berkeley Physics Dept.) (Jan 2015)
  • REACH Scholarship (Chevron) 2012-2016
  • Elected Phi Beta Kappa soc. Spr. 2015
  • Quantedge Award, Academic excellence (U.C. Berkeley) Fall 2015
  • Chor Gee Scholarship (U.C. Berkeley Physics Dept.) Dec 2015
  • Dept. Citation (Berkeley Physics) May 2016
  • Dept. Fellowship, 1 year, Caltech Physics (Sept 2016)